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Supply Chain Modelling

Prosperous and resilient communities prioritize supply chains.

TruGIS specializes in visualizing, mapping and modeling current economic supply chains as the first step in creating true circular economy movements in our communities. By adopting true ‘Circular Economy’ practices, we can:
1. Reduce large amounts of potentially useful material from being sent to the local landfill
2. Create new business opportunities based on utilizing current waste
3. Create new business opportunities based on utilizing locally produced materials
4. Strengthen existing supply chains relationships
5. Make non-participating businesses aware of where they could incorporate themselves into the local supply chain
6. Make bulk, shared material purchases more feasible
7. Reduce total imports
8. Increase total exports

If you’d like more information, or would like to contribute to the Canada Supply Chain Modelling Initiative, get in touch!

Municipality focused GIS

TruGIS can benefit your community by creating, managing, and mapping your spatial data.

Expense, complexity, staffing requirements and many other factors make establishing a GIS in small communities challenging. Despite the benefits, an adequate GIS system may not be feasible. TruGIS has one overarching goal, help small communities become more efficient by incorporating Geographic Information Systems. Our custom solutions are based on in-person consultations that allow us to understand your community from the top down.

Our extensive experience with the operational and administrative structure of small communities allows us to formulate practical solutions. We specialize in the use of open-source software, reducing the burden of cost prohibitive programs used by larger communities. We also build user-friendly solutions, so current staff can perform basic GIS tasks, avoiding new hires or expensive training.

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Because TruGIS is also a web development company, we can seamlessly incorporate GIS into your online presence. The combination is powerful and can benefit everything from citizen engagement, to operational efficacy and even tourism.

Find out what we can do for your community, get in touch.

GIS for Road Safety

TruGIS was founded on utilizing the power of GIS to make Canadian roads safer.

Geographic Information Systems have the power to improve the safety of transportation networks. Rural Canada faces two unique problems regarding road safety. First, forest lined mountainous roads with high speed limits, and severe seasonal conditions lead to higher rates of serious injury and death (compared to urban roadways). Second, insufficient and inconsistent collision data often makes drawing statistical predictions difficult or impossible. These factors make evidence-based resource allocation approximate at best, and arbitrary at worst. Municipalities, businesses, and individuals all benefit from safer roads. Our mission at TruGIS is to create safer roads through targeted resource allocation backed by accurate data. Find out more, get in touch.

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