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Transform data into decision making tools

User-friendly interfaces and data entry platforms combined with advanced GIS and WEB capabilities. Community minded and talented individuals at TruGIS expand what you think is technologically within reach for your community, business or institution. Your vision is our guide. We build custom tools for the work YOU do. TruGIS leverages advanced open source tools and applications to decrease upfront and ongoing expenses. Although our solutions are directed at small to medium sized entities, they can be scaled to meet any organizations needs. 

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Asset maps – Add meaningful and reliable capabilities to your asset management strategy

Transform operations with data-driven asset maps. Our custom asset tracking solutions, ideal for small to medium-sized organizations, can track not just personnel and materials, but also structures, industrial/commercial properties, and more. Enhance asset maps with our network modeling services to unlock new levels of functionality you didn’t expect. Our collaboration with economic experts and researchers has allowed us to create invaluable interactive tools for our partners and clients. Learn more about our asset mapping services by getting in touch…

Interactive Asset Mapping Visualization: Visualizing and Analyzing Land Inventory Maps for Enhanced Decision-Making and Optimization
Land inventory systems- Data driven inventory systems give your community an indispensable tool to manage commercial or industrial land

Developed over 2 years with the support of researchers at Selkirk Innovates, and in partnership with experts in local and circular economies, our solution revolutionizes the management of these important economic entities by enabling regions to implement advanced land inventory systems. They can do this without making huge investments.

Parcel development potential, filters, display options and GIS analysis come together, creating a system which immediately advances industrial land management strategy. Once your system is built, it lives on without excessive subscription fees or unexpected costs. You manage it with intuitive user interfaces, but we’re always here to help! Learn more about our land inventory services by getting in touch…

Honeycomb Grid and Map Markers: Visualizing Inventory, Supply Chains, and Asset Maps - Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Decision-Making
Understand your community’s or business’s supply chain, identify gaps and strive for circularity. 

Interactive network models can help streamline and optimize supply chains by visualizing the flow of goods and identifying inefficiencies. With visual representations of the distribution network, organizations can spot gaps and find opportunities for improvement, reducing waste and making the overall network more efficient. Interactive network models can connect unrelated  entities based on their resource flow, supporting the development of circular economies, where waste from one industry is used as a raw material by another. TruGIS provides solutions to collect, analyze and display data in a way that makes sense for your community or organization. Contact us to learn more…

Interactive Supply Chain Mapping Visualization: Visualizing and Analyzing Supply Chain Networks for Enhanced Decision-Making and Optimization
Optimize community level food distribution

Add resilience and efficiency to your communities food supply-chain. Understand and plan how food moves into, around, and out of your region. Connect with other organizations, businesses or regions and help promote food security from the local level. Learn more about our food supply chain modelling services by visiting…

Interactive Food Supply Chain Mapping Visualization: Visualizing and Analyzing Supply Chain Networks for Enhanced Decision-Making and Optimization
Web development at all levels and every stage

Effortless web management with comprehensive site solutions. Our all-in-one approach includes design, hosting, security, and maintenance for a seamless web experience. Collaborating closely with clients, we craft fast, functional, and professional websites, backed by exceptional and ongoing customer support. Learn more about our web development services by getting in touch…

Fast and Secure Hosting Services: Multiple Devices Connected to a Central Server - Empowering Reliable and Protected Online Infrastructure

What sets us apart

At TruGIS, our mission is to empower not only the communities and residents we serve but also the organizations that shape them. We’re committed to forging collaborative partnerships with our clients, tailoring advanced technology to meet their unique needs. This approach enables us to deliver personalized services aligned with their objectives and to create innovative solutions that have a lasting positive impact.

We collaborate with educational institutions, economic organizations, non-profits, and businesses to devise comprehensive strategies that harness research and technology to push the boundaries of what they previously thought possible. Our expertise spans a wide range of areas, from supply chain management and food security to asset tracking. We don’t just provide simple solutions; we drive meaningful, enduring change.

Paper Airplane Group: Innovative Disruptor Soaring in a Different Direction - Symbolizing Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking

Harness data, build resiliency, thrive together.

Food supply chain network - Partners and supporters:

To develop insightful and useful models, TruGIS collaborates with researchers, food policy councils, economic support organizations, and circular economy leaders. To request a new food region, visit...

The introduction of new models from a diverse range of regions or industries will enhance the overall network, shedding light on new or hidden opportunities. Thank you for the ongoing support from the following organizations: