Prosperous and resilient communities prioritize supply chains

A cross industry ‘supply chain modelling’ initiative between TruGIS, The Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC) and Metal Tech Ally. The Canadian Supply Chain Initiative(CSCI)’s priority is to remove barriers faced by businesses, to visualize their place, and integrate into local supply chains. This is done through cross industry, web-based visualizations and tools. If you’d like more information, or would like to contribute to the Canada Supply Chain Modelling Initiative, get in touch!

Metal Tech Alley leading the Circular Economy Movement by making environmental protection profitable, and providing a road map to support thriving communities, better protected from outside influences.

The LCIC Mandate is to provide economic development services within the Lower Columbia Region and to serve as the ‘first place of call’ as opportunities develop. The LCIC works to develop a creative, dynamic and competitive business environment that fosters economic growth.

The LCCDTS is a group of dedicated community members from many organizations and businesses committed to serving the Lower Columbia region for the well-being of all residents.


VPS is an Ontario based paralegal team devoted to providing exceptional legal representation and serving the community as a whole.

LITLBooks is your go-to company for accounting and bookkeeping in and around the Fraser Valley.

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